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Iron Bastion

Gabor Szathmari and Nick Kavadias founded their cybersecurity services business, Iron Bastion, in 2018. Iron Bastion provides advice and services to counter the number one cybersecurity risk: phishing. I write technology journalism articles for the Iron Bastion blog.

Defending Your Organisation in the Age of Phishing with Training Courses and Technology

1st Nov 2018

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) released their quarterly report on the Notification Data Breaches Scheme earlier this week. Read about what this means for your organisation and what you can do about it.

Don't Be the Next Business to Fall Victim to a Data Breach

24th Oct 2018

What is the difference between spam and phishing and why does it matter?

Professional Help Needed for Law Firms Still Vulnerable to Phishing Attacks

10th Oct 2018

A significant number of law firms could be exposed to phishing attacks if they have not set up their anti-phishing service correctly. This article introduces the report by Iron Bastion into research on Australia's law firms and explains the vulnerability recently modelled and what to do about it.

PEXA Introduces Multi-Factor Authentication but More Guidance Needed

25th Sep 2018

This article explains the recent hack of the national property lodgement database and the risks to legal firms and their users of using SMS in two-factor authentication.