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Correspondence: Andrew Thackrah re IPA

Article (447 words) posted on 09 Jul 2018 by Rosie Williams

I have made attempts to clarify the following point with Andrew Thackrah in emails sent on 21 June but have so far received no acknowledgement or response. I am attempting to clarify when and how the IPA first received tax exemption. Andrew Thackrah is Senior Policy Officer at Department of Premier and Cabinet (Vic) and a contributor to the Centre for Independent Studies and tweets at @andrewthackrah.

Hi Andrew,

I came across your thesis published in 2012 as I am researching Australian think tanks. There is a statement in your thesis that I am wanting to know more information about. On pages 125-126 you state:

'The activities of the AIPP were never tax exempt, in contrast to CIS and IPA which had partial tax exemptions.'

The issue I have with this statement is that the time period this appears to relate to is 1991 and I can not find any confirmed reference to tax exempt status for the CIS or IPA at this time. The date I have for DGR status (from available government data) for the CIS is 2000 and IPA 2006.

The sentence is referenced to an article by Diane Stone in Volume 2 of Issue 26 of the Australian Journal of Political Science titled 'Old Guard Versus New Partisan: Think Tanks in Transition (1991).

I have skimmed through Ms Stone's article and can see no reference to the tax exempt status of either CIS or IPA. Perhaps there's something I missed? Can you clarify the source you were using in regard to the 'partial tax exemptions' so that I can follow this information up?


Rosie Williams

BA (Sociology)

AIPP= Australian Institute of Public Policy

CIS = Centre for Independent Studies

IPA = Institute of Public Affairs