Little Bird Exclusive

These articles are exclusive to my blog and cover a range of topics including the role played by open data in political and financial transparency and accountability, privacy, social justice and human rights.

What it's like being poor in Australia's crazy housing bubble

20 Aug 2018

Baird unleashes on her audience, revealing right wing bias

13 Aug 2018

The bumpy road to think tank transparency in Australia

11 Aug 2018

Getting to the bottom of the IPA's right to DGR status

28 Jul 2018

Ways to support my work

23 Jul 2018

Correspondence: IPA on their membership of the Atlas Network

10 Jul 2018

Correspondence: Andrew Thackrah re IPA

09 Jul 2018

Is the IPA the tail that wags the dog?

22 May 2018 - my mid year review

17 May 2018

The hidden inequalities of tax concessions- all the money we do not see

14 May 2018

State-Fed Funding: Are the states & territories the meat in the sandwich?

07 May 2018

Correspondence: ACNC re IPA

01 May 2018

Correspondence: NSW Liberals - what IS that $7million from Westpac?

23 Apr 2018

What can open data tell us about Australia's major banks?

20 Apr 2018

Corporate tax, inequality & bastard banks

19 Apr 2018

Correspondence: Institute of Public Affairs

18 Apr 2018

Show me the money: unravelling the web of Australian charities

06 Apr 2018

Turning the tables on what we know about Australia's powerful people and institutions

29 Mar 2018