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The use of technology to abuse and harass women is a growing issue. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (in AHRC Fact Sheet) estimates that around one in six female workers experience domestic violence in Australia. UK organisation Women’s Aid found that nearly half of domestic violence victims also endure online abuse during and after their relationship with nearly 40% being stalked online (Smith, 2014 in Jane, 2016).

Women are also experiencing online abuse as a part of their professional lives with many of the victims interviewed for Emma Jane's Misogyny Online: A Short (and Brutish) History reporting abuse received in response to their professional online presence which brings into question the workplace health and safety implications for employers. Online abuse of women has been described as a sleeping giant in terms of negative social impact and an important OH&S issue. (Alastair MacGibbon in Gorman, 2015).

Introduction to Privacy is a positive step individuals can take to improve their online security or for an employer to provide useful skills to their workers or volunteers. Pitched at an introductory level, the content takes people through the basics of online security with practical demonstrations of why strong passwords are needed or where to go for advice if participants think they are being stalked. Ongoing support is provided at no extra charge in a female friendly environment. Buy online access for friends or family now for just $10.

This workshop content is behind a paywall charging a nominal fee of $10. If you know someone who needs this information you can register and pay using your email address then tell them they can use your email as log-in to access it.

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Rosie Williams has a degree in Sociology (inequality, public policy) and programming skills in PHP, MySQL, CSS & HTML. Rosie is an accomplished citizen journalist & researcher having been published in multiple citizen journo publications over the past 15 years, having created multiple open data projects to improve political and financial transparency and having played a lead role in major campaigns such as #CensusFail including 'The CensusFail Submission' which was referenced in the Inquiry Report (twice). Read Rosie's testimonials. or follow Rosie on Twitter

If you are an event organiser & would like to hire me to run a face to face workshop, email Rosie at . I charge $25 per head for 1.5 hours or $30 per head for 2 hours face to face events or your particpiants can pay $10 per person for the online version simply by registering here.

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