Introduction to Privacy Workshop

This is the registration page for access to the Introduction to Privacy Workshop by Rosie Williams. This is an introductory workshop suitable for people who are comfortable using the internet and reading in English.

Introduction to Privacy is a workshop being marketed to women to encourage their participation to learn basic internet safety in a welcoming, female friendly environment. The workshop introduces basic skills including the value of strong passwords, how to check if your email has been part of a hack, safe searching, how to manage privacy settings on basic services like Google and Facebook as well as introducing the new eSafetyWomen portal recently launched by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. 

To register you will need a credit card and email address that you intend to use to sign into the workshop once registered. You can book & pay for one or more participants using this form. The cost of access is $10AUD for individuals or discounted group/organisation rates below which provides ongoing access to the workshop for a year from date of registration.

The workshop can be done by individuals or groups at your own pace (and you can return any time in the following 12 months) Organisations can puchase access for their members to use a universal login (the email used in payment). It's basically an honour system so just enter the number of people that equates to the required payment.

5 individual users or org/group with max 100 potential users $50
20 individual users or organisation/group with max 500 potential users $200
50 individual users or organisation/group with max 100 potential users $500

Provide the email where required in the processing form and use that email to log into the workshop once registered.

If you know someone who needs this workshop but can't register themselves you can register/pay for them and then provide them with the email to provide access to them.

For organisations/groups you must provide an email you are happy to share with the group that they can use as a log in. Different users can log in with the same email and it doesn't affect other users. Disqus commenting is based on social media and users have to sign into their individual social media accounts to comment so there is nothing to stop different users accessing the content from the same log in.

What you'll learn
  • Who has data on you & why?
  • What rights do you have in managing your privacy?
  • Basic topics in web security including:
    • Managing online data held by Google & Facebook
    • Secure email
    • Secure passwords
    • Secure browsing & internet access
    • Managing online abuse

Enter the number 1 if you are just paying for yourself otherwise enter the number of participants you wish to pay for and click the button.

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