Snitch Hunt

This is the registration page for access to the Snitch Hunt by Rosie Williams. This is challenging workshop suitable for people who are comfortable working with data and analysing difficult problems.

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The cost of access is $10AUD per participant which provides ongoing access to the workshop for a year from date of registration.

This workshop content is behind a paywall charging a nominal fee of $10 per person. If you know someone who needs this information you can register and pay using your email address then tell them they can use your email as log-in to access it.

Provide the email where required in the processing form and use that email to log into the workshop once registered.

What you'll learn
  • What data is collected and by whom?
  • What is metadata and the Metadata Retention Scheme?
  • What is considered metadata & what is considered content?
  • What does the Scheme mean for me as an individual?
  • What is data matching?
  • How can metadata be used to identify and track people

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