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Census 2016: More than 7 million households completedRachel BaxendaleThe AustralianSeptember 2
The ABS reveals how many Australians have filled in the Census as delays continueRod Chester News CorpSeptember 2
Glitches still, but census 'on track' Matthew Denholm The Australian September 1
MPs urge govt to dump Census non-completion fines Allie Coyne IT Wire September 1
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ABS chief earns $705,000 a year Frank Chung News.com August 10
Why weren't Australians told Census website had shut down when government knew about it? Matt Young News.com August 10
Computer says no: Australian census shambles explanation depends on who you ask Ellie Hunt The Guardian August 10
Malcolm Turnbull defends handling of census as Privacy Commissioner investigates Michael Koziol The Age August 10
Census: ABS website not attacked or hacked, Michael McCormack says Stephanie Anderson ABC August 10
Census: ABS needs to get #CensusFail story straight to win back our trust Adam Turner ABC August 10
Census: Possible hack of private information cannot be ruled out, experts say ABC August 10
Census 2016: outage due to 'overcautious' response, not hacking, government says Paul Karp The Guardian August 10
The Census wasn't hacked, but the ABS still has a problem Claire Reilly CNET August 10
Govt claims census triumph: 'we are a proud nation of 4 million people' Charles Firth The Chaser August 10
Census meltdown just the latest Bureau of Statistics bungle Peter Martin The Age August 10
Census 2016 outage: Labor calls for Census Minister Michael McCormack to resign Kara Vickery & Shoba Rao Daily Telegraph August 10
Census hacked, website crashes for millions Rose Donahoe New Daily August 10
Census website attacked by hackers, ABS says Primrose Riordan AFR August 10
Census fail: ABS says hackers attacked website after nearly $500,000 was spent on load testing servers Daily Telegraph August 10
The Census Website Was Deliberately Hacked, Prompting Massive Crash Emily Brooks & Lara Pearce Huffington Post August 10
Census 2016: ABS says deliberate attacks were to blame for website crashing Helen Davidson The Guardian August 10
Census: Australian Bureau of Statistics says website attacked by overseas hackers ABC August 10
Census website crashes, despite ABS assurances 3AW August 10
Australians dialled up the snark for #CensusFail Athena Cao USA Today August 10
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The Australian Census Website Is Down Campbell Simpson Lifehacker August 9
The great Australian census fail of 2016: website crashes under load Helen Davidson The Guardian August 9
Census 2016: Senators could be prosecuted over withholding details, ABS says Francis Keany & Alkira Reinfrank ABC August 9
More senators declare plans to snub controversial Census requirements Yahoo August 9
Census 2016: Error messages hinder completion of online census Georgina Mitchell The Age August 9
ABS Census Bot Fuels Fire of #censusfail Storm Walter Adamson Kinship Digital August 9
ABS dismisses senators' census fears Belinda Merhab News.com August 9
Australia's census facing boycott over privacy worries Reuters August 9
RSL joins ranks of census opponents Crikey August 9
Census controversy shows ABS 'needs to do better', says Statistical Society Paul Karp The Guardian August 9
Statistical error Michael Lucy The Monthly August 9
#CensusFail: the ABS hasn't convinced the public their privacy is protected David Glance The Conversation August 9
Keane: how the census went from snapshot to surveillance Bernard Keane Crikey August 9
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Why the ABS won't be able to protect our census data Hack for Privacy August 9
Census 2016: Labor urges all Australians to include their names Paul Karp The Guardian August 9
Census: ABS has upset the 'delicate balance' between anonymity and valuable data, says former Deputy Privacy Commissioner Fran Kelly RN Breakfast August 9
Tonight's Australian census is starting to look like a train wreck Simon Thomson Business Insider August 9
Senators come to their census Crikey August 9
Fright night: Australia's creepy census threatens privacy and our civil liberties Niki Widdowson QUT August 9
We Asked an Expert What Would Happen if Australia Got Together to Boycott the Census Katherine Gillespie Vice August 9
#CensusFail — Time for a National Information Policy Tim Watts Medium August 9
Census 2016: Christopher Pyne criticises politicians withholding details over privacy fears Stephanie Anderson ABC August 9
Trying to make sense of the census, but I'm still not convinced on privacy Jenna Price Canberra Times August 8
Australian Gov't's Stupid Census Plans Puts Privacy At Risk, May Destroy Their Own Census Mike Masnick IT Dirt August 8
Census privacy fears: Nick Xenophon to withhold name in push for 'test case' Gareth Hutchens The Guardian August 8
Jacqui Lambie on 18c and Census Patricia Karvelas RN Drive August 8
How controversial is the simple act of providing your name? David Lipson Lateline August 8
ABS On Census Charm Offensive As Privacy Concerns Ramp Up Eoin Blackwell Huffington Post August 8
How To Keep Your Name Off The Census Without Getting Fined Spandas Lui Lifehacker August 8
South Australian senator Nick Xenophon dares ABS to come after him over 2016 Census Jackson Gothe-Snape Adelaide Now August 8
Census C*ck Up: From Hero To Zero In A Brief But Concerted Social Media Backlash Chris Graham New Matilda August 8
Census 2016: ABS bosses discussed secret plans to crossmatch private data Natasha Bita Daily Telegraph August 8
Trust and the Census – who (definitely) benefits? Ingrid Matthews imatthews.com August 7
IT analyst: Oz census data processed as plain text Richard Chirgwin The Register August 7
Fake census workers try to trick people into sharing their personal details Kathryn Powley & Rob Harris Daily Telegraph August 7
Expert gives government six months before it chases data Scott Sawyer Sunshine Coast Daily August 6
Too 'sick' for Census? Sorry, no excuse! Scott Sawyer Sunshine Daily August 6
DO I HAVE TO PROVIDE MY NAME ON MY CENSUS FORM? Carolyn Henckels Castan Centre August 6
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Ask LH: Will I Really Be Fined For Not Completing The Australian Census? Chris Jager Lifehacker August 5
Same-sex parents organisation slams Australia's online census for being non-inclusive Jerico Mandybur Mashable August 5
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2016 Census risks becoming a 'debacle' says Nick Xenophon Jarred Owens The Australian August 5
The racialised amnesia of #CensusFail Jordy Silverstein and Katherine Ellinghaus Overland Journal August 5
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Do you fill out your Census?: Girt by CNET podcast 81 Luke Lancaster CNET August 4
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Scott Ludlam: the census should be delayed to restore trust and confidence Scott Ludlam The Guardian August 4
Hundreds referred for prosecution since 1990 for failure to complete census Paul Farrell & Nick Evershed The Guardian August 4
Government admits organisers of Census were not prepared for flood on enquries News.com.au August 4
Confusion and anger over the Census Pat McGrath ABC (Video) August 3
Australia's top statistician David Kalisch says ABS is 'ready' for census 2016 Lucy Cormack SMH August 3
ABS tells Australian government there will be no Census data breaches in future Chris Duckett ZDNET August 3
David Kalisch ABS Chief Statistician discusses the Census Sabra Lane 730 Report ABC (Video) August 3
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Lost our Census: Why the biggest hit to privacy this year is all about you Claire Reilly CNET May 22
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